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Indu Nissan Oxo Chemical Industries Ltd, a public limited company, was established in 1979 by Late Mr Narendra I. Bhuva, in collaboration with M/s. Nissan Chemical Industries Ltd, Japan, for the manufacture of oxo alcohols at its factory in Vadodara, Gujarat.
The company’s factory at Vadodara, Gujarat, currently has an installed capacity of 30,000 TPA for the manufacture of oxo alcohols, which is made from olefins, i.e.


The products manufactured by the company are used extensively by / for the plasticizer industry, lubricating oils, specialty chemicals, etc. The plasticizers industry currently has a growth rate of 7-8% per annum. DIDP is a must for PVC cable industry because of its unique plasticizer properties, allowing the company a huge market and potential for growth.

The demand for oxo alcohols is 150,000 MT/year in the domestic market and currently there is only one manufacturer in India, i.e. M/s. Andra Petrochemical with a capacity of 80,000 MT/year. Hence, there is a shortage of oxo alcohols in the domestic market, leading to imports. The company also manufactures iso decanol which is an alcohol that goes into not only plasticizers but also specialty chemicals such as lubricants and additives and is currently manufactured only by M/s. EXXON of USA & M/s. KYOWA HAKKO of Japan.

Capital Structure

The company’s capital structure as on 31st March, 2016, comprises authorised share capital of 5,00,00,000 equity shares of Rs 10/- each, aggregating to Rs. 5000.00 lacs. The issued, subscribed and paid-up capital comprises 1,65,00,000 equity shares of Rs 10/- each, aggregating to Rs. 1650.00 lacs. The company’s shares are listed on Bombay stock exchange.


Board of Directors of the company are as follows:

Name Designation
1) Mr. Mehool N. Bhuva CEO
2) Mr. B. T. Mallya Director
3) Mr. Nitin Kumar Shah Director
4) Mrs. Ranak M Bhuva Director


TANK FARM (Available for rent)

Storage of Bulk Chemical Liquid Solvents in the Plant

Class A Class C
Flash Point Below 23 ℃ Flash Point 65-93 ℃
Tank No. Capacity KL Tank No. Capacity KL
1801 1500 1805 800
1802 1500 1806 1200
1803 1500 1807 800
1804 1500 1810 100
1809 200 1812 1500
1813 1500 1814 500
    1815 500
    1816 250
    1808 25
    1811 25
Total 7700   5700

Total 13400 KL

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